Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ambrosial !!!

 Coconut and Lemon Syrup Cake

     A Donna Hay Recipe

Another stunning cake by the Goddess of all baked goods. I dislike coconut, but this cake makes one fall in love with this humble ingredient.

Moist, spongy and zesty; it is akin to eating a lemon soaked cloud !!!
And the best part, I tweaked the recipe to make it egg less. The Australian company Orgran's "No Egg Natural Egg Replacer" worked wonders. Yay !!!

The Cheesecake Factory

Classic Baked Cheesecake 

      A Donna Hay Recipe

Donna Hay is THE definitive baker. Her recipes are flawless. She helped me create my favourite dessert, the baked cheesecake.

Ricotta, cream cheese and lemon zest baked to creamy perfection...yum !!!!!!!

And yes, cheesecakes do improve after 24 hours of refrigeration. The taste test proved that.