Friday, January 31, 2014

The Articulate & Aching Noggin....

I've realised I'm definitely NOT a "Sun 'n' Sand" person !!!!!!!!!

My lungs feel like tar soaked sponge. My nasal passages are blocked. My head is throbbing. It's been an ouch ouch day. And also an ouch day in terms of realising that blogging is becoming a habit of the past.

Jane Austen chides pretentious wives who give up their "hobbies" post marriage. I always considered this post marital/maternity syndrome a myth. When a colleague pointed out that I have been an inactive blogger for almost a year, I realised I'd over stewed my apples. Baby time led to no blog time; and voila, my applesauce turned rancid.


In other news, do I have new insight to share on motherhood/maternity/blah blah? No. Non. Nein.

Do I feel different? Maybe. Who doesn't? The stretch marks and floppy belly are probably going to be lasting reminders.

Do I want to talk about the maternal instinct ad nauseam? I don't think so. I love my daughter, but I'd much rather shirk the mother mantle as such. I don't wish to shrug it off, but I have little intention of eulogising it.


Else, my life and its hardly-have-time times go on.....c'est la vie !!!