Thursday, April 28, 2011

On Creation

I have been accused multiple times on a social networking site called Facebook for not being "original", but merely quoting from other people.

To make my case, I quote once again from John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. After this first creator called God, so many have had so much to say that I fear my ratiocination will to a degree always resemble plagiarism.

So why not borrow from someone who said it better than me? Let me be polemic and say that originality is overrated. It does not exist. New ideas are merely a mastication of old ones. Can I attempt anything better than another permutation of syllables all previously defined and sorted by lexicographers? Also, I do not have enough wisdom to attempt being wise.

And some say wisdom comes with age and experience. As junk food has increased the mortality rate substantially, I fear we shall be deprived of many a pearl of wisdom. Till then, I shall be happy to string together what already exists.

P.S. - Social networking sites like FB are considered windows to your personality. Please make sure you invest in dark hued curtains.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Othellos in the making...

Sigmund Freud insists it is sex. Karl Marx believes it is economics that rules in the last instance. And in the penultimate instance, it is likely to be our insecurities.

When food, clothing and shelter are taken care of, what drives us are our insecurities. Everyone, is generally an Othello in the making ready to strangle an innocent/not so innocent Desdemona. Am I tall, dark, handsome, rich, poor, short, fat, pimply faced, smart, unlearned....what I think I am drives me. Some strive to better their odds, most to merely efface them. To mask them as well as they can.

Do you ever feel that someone reacted over much to something you said in general? Maybe you touched a nerve somewhere. Or there have been instances when its been vice versa.

Can one look beyond one's insecurities? Maybe. Maybe not. In the interim it might be very sapient to acquaint oneself with them in order to ensure that Desdemona lives.